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Love...a prelude to destruction and despair...

After all, what credence could be given to a fickle heart?

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12 June

Ya-ho! \(^_^)/ Rui tomoshimasu! Anime Daisuki! I can't possibly chose a favorite, there are so many.
Arashi mo daiiiiisuki de-su. Watashi no ichiban wa KazuNino de-su. <3 I also love HSJump especially Yutti, Kanjani8, Ikuta Toma and other JE boys. I also love Amuse Boys, my ichiban is Kamiki Ryuunosuke, then One Ok ROck, Kaku Kento, Mizuta Kouki etc... My other fave actors are Kanata Hongo, Yamazaki Kento,Oguri Shun, Osamu Mukai, Chiba Yuudai, and many others... My fave kpop group is FT Island, ichiban Basist Jaejin de-su.
I love reading and writing, doing arts and crafts, sports, bike riding, traveling, going on adventures, learning languages, playing musical instruments, and XBOX. My fave books are The Little Prince, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson... Also love watching movies, mostly rom-coms, no drama coz i like to enjoy and relax while watching and not bawl my eyes out, also love adventure, magic, animated, mystery and a bit of action.
I'm a very whimsical person, but these are my constant.

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