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こんにちわみんあ! 안녕하새요 여러분! Da Jia Hao!

Hello everyone and Welcome!
Yokoso! ^_._^
my LJ is basically about fics, kpop, jpop and Oc's, all hetero by the way and some of my thoughts about various stuffs. ^_._~*
there are also some downloadables and online clips.
My main fandom is 嵐. My ichiban is 二宮和也! I love love Hey Say Jump (ichiban Yutorin and Keiouji) and Kanjani (Ryo and Yu). They're my top 3 tho I like Johnny's overall.
I love rock bands too, my top faves are One OK Rock and FT Island. :) and of course I'm an anime otaku, that's where my interest in Japan started after all, where I learn about and sang jpop music and studied Japanese language. Generally I love romcoms, fantasy and mysteries no dramas for my poor kokoro. ;) I prefer watching jdoramas and jmovies but I also watch kdramas from time to time.
Feel free to add me as a friend ne, yoroshiku!

Wishful hearts are always appreciated.

I'm Rui by the way, Rui Lian yep that's me. ^_._^
Yoroshiku ne!



Hair Make-over
A Walk and a Dream

One Shots:

Another MOMent
Eeny Meeny Miney Moe
My Darling Sungmin
The One
Angel Gift
Bewitching Danger
Count me in

Dreams Come True
From now on...

Study Time?
Magic Mischief
A Valentine SP
One too many
Sons and Daughters 



Book 1: Missed Shots (complete)
First Shot
Second Shot
Third Shot
Fourth Shot
Fifth Shot
Sixth Shot
Seventh Shot
Eight Shot
Ninth Shot
Last Shot

OJ Just another love story?(completed)

1. Yoroshiku!
2. Orange Juice
3. Tomodachi
4. Ame Ai Ai Gasa
5. Kioku
6. Tsuki
7. Namae
8. Suki da yo
9. Furi o suru
10. Kisu
11. Majo to Ai Ai Ame
12. Oyasumi
13. Otanjoubi Purezento
14. Iyada
15. Dare desu ka?
16. Oboeteru?
17. Kenka
18. Aoi Hana, Kagami
19. Kekkon suru
20. Guzen
21. Uta
22. Koibito
23. Oshiete
24. Shiawase
25. Ryoshin
26. Kaisei
27. Atarashii Jinsei
28. Saigo made
29. Owari

OJ Mini series:

Mitsuketa! (There You Are!)
Little Helper
Asobi ni ikou! (Let's play!)

Chance to change
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7

Subbed Projects:

Shinee- Hello_Romaji_Eng -
Arashi- Ever_karaoke_subs -
Arioka Daiki, Takaki Yuya, Nakajima Yuto - DASH Karaoke_subs  -
SMAP- Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana_Karaoke_Subs -
KAT-TUN- Perfect_romaji_english_music_station -
Hey say Jump- Ai-ing Aishiteru Perf Karaoke subs -
Jump Over  -
Beast Bad Girl Jap ver._subbed -

FT Island-Distance

Arashi- Your eyes kara-sub

Musta Ur Eyes perf Kara sub

FT Island - Stay Pv with Lyrics

FT Island - Venus Ksubbed

FT Budokan Softsub

Arafes - Green+Voice Ksubbed

FT Island- You are my Life PV [eng-rom] [kara-sub]

MuSta Perf Arashi- Love Rainbow+Hadashi no Mirai+Sakura Sake + Breathless [eng-rom]

121219 FTISLAND Acoustic Live [eng+rom]

Hey Say Jump - Asu e no Yell + Korosensations (Battle and Operations mode) PV Subbed

FT Island Take me now SP MV han+rom+eng

Online clips:
Arashi members
Yan Yan Jump 3 perf
FT Island- Treasure_karaoke
Arashi- Niji no Kakera fv kara-sub 5x12

Credits to the rightful owners of the pics(header, background, userpics) and also for the base layout code. I tinkered it a bit.

Please introdue yourself here too ^^
Have a wishful heart! ^_._^ <3
Tags: intro, master fic list
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