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Yokoso! ^_._^
my LJ is basically about fics, kpop, jpop and Oc's, all hetero by the way and some of my thoughts about various stuffs. ^_._~*
there are also some downloadables and online clips.
My main fandom is 嵐. My ichiban is 二宮和也! I love love Hey Say Jump (ichiban Yutorin and Keiouji) and Kanjani (Ryo and Yu). They're my top 3 tho I like Johnny's overall.
I love rock bands too, my top faves are One OK Rock and FT Island. :) and of course I'm an anime otaku, that's where my interest in Japan started after all, where I learn about and sang jpop music and studied Japanese language. Generally I love romcoms, fantasy and mysteries no dramas for my poor kokoro. ;) I prefer watching jdoramas and jmovies but I also watch kdramas from time to time.
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I'm Rui by the way, Rui Lian yep that's me. ^_._^
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Hair Make-over
A Walk and a Dream

One Shots:

Another MOMent
Eeny Meeny Miney Moe
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Dreams Come True
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Study Time?
Magic Mischief
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OJ Just another love story?(completed)

1. Yoroshiku!
2. Orange Juice
3. Tomodachi
4. Ame Ai Ai Gasa
5. Kioku
6. Tsuki
7. Namae
8. Suki da yo
9. Furi o suru
10. Kisu
11. Majo to Ai Ai Ame
12. Oyasumi
13. Otanjoubi Purezento
14. Iyada
15. Dare desu ka?
16. Oboeteru?
17. Kenka
18. Aoi Hana, Kagami
19. Kekkon suru
20. Guzen
21. Uta
22. Koibito
23. Oshiete
24. Shiawase
25. Ryoshin
26. Kaisei
27. Atarashii Jinsei
28. Saigo made
29. Owari

OJ Mini series:

Mitsuketa! (There You Are!)
Little Helper
Asobi ni ikou! (Let's play!)

Chance to change
Chapter 1
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Subbed Projects:

Shinee- Hello_Romaji_Eng -
Arashi- Ever_karaoke_subs -
Arioka Daiki, Takaki Yuya, Nakajima Yuto - DASH Karaoke_subs  -
SMAP- Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana_Karaoke_Subs -
KAT-TUN- Perfect_romaji_english_music_station -
Hey say Jump- Ai-ing Aishiteru Perf Karaoke subs -
Jump Over  -
Beast Bad Girl Jap ver._subbed -

FT Island-Distance

Arashi- Your eyes kara-sub

Musta Ur Eyes perf Kara sub

FT Island - Stay Pv with Lyrics

FT Island - Venus Ksubbed

FT Budokan Softsub

Arafes - Green+Voice Ksubbed

FT Island- You are my Life PV [eng-rom] [kara-sub]

MuSta Perf Arashi- Love Rainbow+Hadashi no Mirai+Sakura Sake + Breathless [eng-rom]

121219 FTISLAND Acoustic Live [eng+rom]

Hey Say Jump - Asu e no Yell + Korosensations (Battle and Operations mode) PV Subbed

FT Island Take me now SP MV han+rom+eng

Online clips:
Arashi members
Yan Yan Jump 3 perf
FT Island- Treasure_karaoke
Arashi- Niji no Kakera fv kara-sub 5x12

Credits to the rightful owners of the pics(header, background, userpics) and also for the base layout code. I tinkered it a bit.

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Kanjani8 Kiseki no Hito Lyrics Trans

long time no post!
i have been just skulking here and there whenever RL lets me so this is a bit late and it's my first time translating a full song and it's in kansai-ben or osaka dialect! I just love listening to their accent~ also, I'm not too sure about some lines~ when it comes to turning it into english so if you have any better suggestions, it will be most welcomed! this was based on hearing and the lyrics on the pv I'm gonna color the parts I'm not sure of,  in

here goes:

Kiseki no Hito

I've been thinking lately
(What's that, so suddenly?)
Can I properly get married?
(Well, if you do, it'd be a miracle)
The two of us creating a family
(well, yeah, that's would be so)
By miracle, will we meet by chance?
(ah~ That would be for real)
Looking at a young child, somewhat makes me nervous
(ah I get that feeling)
That coarse habit of frankness and pride
(ah there are a lot of kids like that)
Only interested in themselves
(calmly and casually lying to anyone)
Speaking badly from morning til night
(there are many who are not ashamed of their selfishness)
Making a lie seem like the truth
(No,it's not good to lie after all)

looking down, don't just say anything
(don't tell me what to do!)
Where's your thank you and sorry?
(Say them properly)
The appearance is not the only charming point
(the heart is just as important)

ah, How heartrending right?

would a no-good kid stand out?
However, never let go of your dream
I, too, will fix that bad habit
somewhere in this world
I was born to meet you

A person who's working hard
(laughing at them will not be allowed)

not through a smartphone, look at me
(Conversations are important and the best
Proper speech is only a courtesy
(should be done properly)
It's hard to get along with a cold a person
(say what's on your mind)

An earnest person's image is nice
(someone who treasures my friends)

A smile that looks good and gentle
(raise our child to become a good person)

Your care gives a homey feel
(at painful times too, stay beside me)
no matter what, let's support each other
(the cheerful and bright you is fine as it is)

chorus 2:
ah to meet by chance
will that child surely be there?
the person who will love someone like me
I, too, will fix my bad habits
Perhaps you are already by my side
but I just didn't notice
I want to meet you

When we become grandpa and grandma
(we'll be nursing each other)
Even when I'm not around anymore, go on living with a smile
(it would be good, if you could)
Even if I couldn't say it from embarrassment
(I will love you so)
In the letter I left behind,
“Even now, I love you"

“Thank you for everything
I was happy to have met you
to have lived with my fated person
I became a good person
and experienced a lot of happiness
I will wait for you somewhere
I want to see you

and that's it. please tell me what you think. also I timed a softsubs, only for the trans, so if you want to add lyrics and use it, just tell me~


watch the PV right here :


ohizashiburi desu ne!
anyway to show some love for my Prima fandom~
and to congratulate them for their first win, here's a subbed mv!
Please support Where's the TRUTH?^^/
Go FT ISLAND! Go primadonna and primadudes!
it's not k-subbed this time.
comments are loved!
p.s  I also plan to sub Just do it when its lyrics are officially released.

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click the pic  dc:!81_9IeouVkVDudysSJa0hWXQe3yuI66yNq1Q-Fu8ASg


PV project?

Yaho! Konnichiwa minna san!
Yep, I'm still alive, just busy.
There were a couple of releases from JUMP and I haven't seen anyone subbing it.
Should I? just the PVs AinoArika and Aisureba Motto Happy Life. Or maybe someone's already working on it?
Arashi has releases also but there are already a few currently working on it. dakara..
Help me decide ne~~ ^^

121219 FTISLAND Acoustic Live [eng+rom]

Yaho! Finally finished this project! I started this last week but I got busy during the last few days so
I just managed to complete this today^^
I'm just sharing the softsubs for now. If you want the hardsubbed one, it's about 300 MB
haven't uploaded it. If there will be requests for it, then I'll upload. okay? :)

edit:Hardsub ver. is up. :)

credits: for the lyrics and trans
 candykpop @ jpopasia
 ranchan @ jpopasia

and of course: ruilian_thatsme.lj for timing and encoding :)
If you want to use my softsubs please do ask and credit properly ne.

Beautiful World
Love Love Love
Top Secret
Polar Star

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FT Island You are my Life PV [eng-rom]

Yaho! ohizashiburi da ne!

long time no post.
I'm back to bring you my latest project.
FT Island's latest PV from their single You are my Life. really love this song. can I have them sing this on my wedding? ^^
it took a while coz i couldn't find a decent quality and then when I did find one, my encoder wouldn't accept it's format, even my converter failed.
anyway, I've somehow managed to overcome that. it's not karaoke subbed yet. maybe it'll follow. it depends on the obstacles.

edit: Karaoke-subbed version is now available. ^^

a big thanks to:
HappyIslandsubs for the lyrics and trans. for the raw.

ruilian_thatsme.lj timing and encoding^^
that's it i think. :)
no repost, no reupload, no streaming and comment when taking.the usual.

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Christmas Arafes Gift kara-sub [Green + Voice]

Yaho! minna genki? I'm back to subbing.
I just finished watching ARAFES, thanks to Vendy-chan. :)
I actually almost didn't make it til the links lasted, hontou ni yokatta na... ^^
especially since these songs were all found in Disk 2.

before I go to the snapshots and links, a thank you is in order, for the lyrics and trans, yarukizero@lj.

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Hello Friends! yes, I'm still alive even though I haven't posted anything in a while... I'll think of something, maybe a subbed video, a fic, or any shares... I will post something soon... any request or suggestions? I can do karaoke subbing for a MV or PV... just tell me which... :)

FT Budokan lyrics softsub

I didn't get to take some snapshots of it. I will if I have time. I've actually made a hardsub as well, maybe I'll upload it, it depends. but for now here's the soft subs for disc 1 and 2, it's only the lyrics, no translations since I couldn't find a complete decent trans of the songs.

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